Sun is believed to be one of the successful methods of treating acne problems. Parents send children into the sun to suntan in order to cure the acne on their body. Of course, they are right in doing so. Medically too, it has been proved that sunbathing is a great assistance for acne problems. According to the research conducted at the University of California, it was observed that the changes in vitamin D3 level regulate the body immune system response and help in the process of healing wounded skin.

Vitamin D3 has been acknowledged to be of great assistance in shielding the skin from any form of bacteria apart from supporting the overall mechanism for its repair. Lack of vitamin D3 may cause harm to the body immune system.

Vitamin D can be got naturally and free. It can be got through sun which is 100 percent free and major source of vitamin D. According to the different studies and reports it has been recognized that sunbathing is one of the better ways of treating acne fast.

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